STAFDA Member Directory

A Giant Leap Forward – In Service, In Sales, In Productivity And Profitability

With over 1,000 Distributor firms with 5,100 branches, STAFDA Distributors sell over $15 billion annually in goods and services.

Everyone knows the STAFDA Member Directory is the industry’s best resource for distributors, manufacturers, and rep firms!

Now, imagine having the same great resource at your finger tips in the field, on the road, on the job site, or at the sales counter back in the office.

  • Source products for customers onsite in seconds
  • Open a new global marketplace with one click
  • Communicate with channel partners at Web speed
  • Level the Internet playing field

STAFDA Introduces A Game Changer

The Internet has changed how people live their lives and how industries do business. Now the new STAFDA Member Directory Online has the potential to do the same for the construction supply channel.

What new productivity- and profitability-driving uses will you discover for it?

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