IDC Industrial Review

Connecting Buyers And Sellers

The mission of IDC Industrial Review is to keep end-user customers informed about the value of conducting business with the IDC Owner-Distributors and preferred suppliers.

Our Reach: 15,000

The most effective way to drive business to the IDC Owner-Distributor is by sending IDC Industrial Review to their best customers. IDC Owner-Distributors hand select who receives IDC Industrial Review. Advertisers receive a greater return on their advertising investment because they are communicating their product message through the distributor to the customers who buy and buy often. All issues are accompanied with a to-from label from the distributor to the recipient.

Our Content

IDC Industrial Review provides strategic knowledge to help plant managers, maintenance workers, engineering and production professionals operate their businesses more efficiently, effectively and safely. The magazine includes information on a wide variety of power transmission/motion control products, including bearings, chains, clutches and brakes, motors, shaft couplings and U-joints, hydraulics and pneumatics, pumps, speed drives, conveyors and material handling components, gearing, linear motion, accessories and more.

The goal of IDC Industrial Review is to provide the end-user customers of IDC Owner-Distributors with the information they need to run a modern manufacturing facility in today’s highly competitive global marketplace.

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